Tuesday, December 07, 2010

New Spoilers and Scoops from Kristin

@JackieG927 (via Twitter): To offset my anger at the Finchel breakup can you find out something about Quinn & Puck? Please!!Hate to be the bearer of bad (worse?) news, but the fantabulous Harry Shum Jr. (Mike Chang) stopped by our studio a few days ago (story/video coming soon) and he told me that the teeny silver lining of the Finn and Rachel break up is that "at least we'll get some Puckleberry." Whether that means as friends, friends with benefits or more remains to be seen, but it certainly sounds as though Puck and Rachel may have something naughty in the works. As always, my shoulder is here for you to cry on!

Stephanie in New York: Finn/Rachel fans need some scoop. We were totally blindsided by the breakup! There are so many rumors floating right now, so help us out. Any hope for Finn and Rachel in the Christmas episode? In the near future?There is tons of Rachel and Finn coming up on Glee, but unfortunately for you Finnchel fans, it's all Rachel and Finn angst. (Sad trombone.) Trust us, in the grand scheme of TV things, going on a break and exchanging longing, lonely glances across the choir room is not the worst thing that could happen to a couple. As for the Christmas episode Rachel is headlining not one but two sad holiday songs: "Merry Christmas, Darling" and "Last Christmas," so prepare to suffer through some juicy Finnchel angst before it comes time for the nearly inevitable Finnchel reconnection.

@dancelivesing (via Twitter): Ryan Murphy said Finn and Rachel would not breakup this season.For what it's worth, I'm told the plan did change slightly from what it was in the very beginning, but the writers did (sorta) address the voice of the fans with this exchange in the episode: Rachel: "You said you'd never break up with me!" Finn: "I never thought you'd make me feel like this." See, fans, Finn and Rachel know just how you feel!

Source: EOnline