Sunday, October 03, 2010

Howard Stern: Glee's Britney episode was per--verted!

Howard Stern tuned in to Glee for the first time ever Wednesday night to see pal John Stamos' debut episode with Britney Spears.

Stamos is guest starring on the hit Fox comedy this season thanks to an interview he did on the Howard Stern Show earlier this year.

"You know I love John Stamos and I was happy for him a couple of months ago when he told me that he got a job on the hit TV show Glee which is on Fox because he was on our show and somebody heard him--one of the guys associated with Glee."

Glee writers even tipped their pens to Howard Stern with Stamos' opening line:

"So, last night, I tuned in to this 'Glee' because...he was doing his first show. And they even said the writers put in 'Hey Now'. The first words John says are 'Hey now!'."

That was the first and last moment of Glee that made sense to the King of All Media.

"Jesus Christ," said Stern. "What's going on on that thing? What the f--k is that show?"

"It's kinda pervy quite frankly. It was kind of a creepy thing. It was--John plays a super handsome dentist, of course. He's super handsome in everything he does. And one of the young girls, who's not very attractive, has like 64 cavities in her head so John says: 'Come over to my dentist office'. She sits down in the chair. He gasses her, knocks her out and she starts having sexual fantasies about being Britney Spears. And John's in the video, and this chick--a high school chick is f---ing naked dancing around almost. I mean, she's got a little bra and panties on. I guess she's fantasizing about Britney Spears and I'm like: 'Motherf---er. This is for kids?...It was the perviest thing I ever saw," said Stern.