Friday, September 24, 2010

Ryan Murphy: Susan Boyle Glee cameo confirmed!

Ryan Murphy has revealed to STV that Susan Boyle wants to appear on the show’s Christmas episode - and it’s now just a matter of making their schedules fit.

In an interview with STV, during which he praised Susan as “an underdog who has made a tremendous amount of her life”, Murphy revealed some further details about how she’ll appear, and how the chance came about.

Murphy told STV: “Well, here’s the deal: we’re doing a Christmas episode, we’re coming out with a Glee holiday album, that comes out all across the world in November.

“Susan is coming out with an album that drops on my birthday, November 9, another Christmas album, and we’re on the same label.

“So I said to Rob Stringer, who runs the album label: ‘How about Susan coming on the show and just doing a song?’ And he said: ‘Oh, I love it.’

“He has gone to her, and she has said that she does want to do it, I think, but we’re trying just to figure out her schedule, because she travels all over the world.”

He explained: “We want her to come on and play a cafeteria worker, who then sings, and opens that mouth and sings that beautiful song.

“As we speak we’re trying to make that work, because we shoot that episode in a month.”

Speaking about Susan’s influence on the Glee cast, Murphy said to us: “The kids love her on the show, we love her.

“I think she’s so talented, and I think the thing about Susan Boyle that is great is, much like the kids on Glee and the show Glee, she is an underdog who has made a tremendous amount of her life.”