Sunday, June 05, 2011

Glee Tour Set List

Set List
Introduction video with Sue and Will

Don't Stop Believing
Dog Days Are Over

Video with Will / Will and Brittany skit

Slave 4 You
Fat Bottomed Girls
I want to hold your hands
Ain't No Way
Born This Way (LGTB verse cut)

Video with Sue introducing the Warblers

Teenage Dream
Silly Love Songs
Raise Your Glass
Happy Days Are Here Again / Get Happy

River Deep , Mountain High

Skit with Brittany, Blaine and Kurt

Jesse's Girl
Loser Like Me (with Darren Criss)

Kurt, Brittany and Tina dancing to Single Ladies
Friday (Acoustic) (with Darren Criss)
Safety Dance
Empire State of Mind (with Darren Criss)
Somebody to Love (with Darren Criss)

Note: Both "Silly Love Songs" and "Fat Bottomed Girls" are performed, at least in part, in the audience as they make their way from the small stage to the main stage. Songs performed on the small stage are - "Fat Bottomed Girls", "Ain't No Way", "Teenage Dream", "Silly Love Songs", and "Happy Days Are Here Again / Get Happy". The "Single Ladies" dance is also done on the small stage.

Kevin McHale actually gets out of the wheelchair to dance during "Safety Dance".

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