Thursday, May 19, 2011

Naya Rivera Talks Santana Lopez Spoilers with AfterEllen

AE: We all know that Santana is a girl who will do anything to get what she wants but it looks like she’s not going to get Brittany.
NR: Yes.

AE: How is she going to move on from that? Can she and Brittany still be friends?
NR: I feel like they still are friends and in the prom episode that just aired … that was right after she sang "Songbird" to her and continued to pour her heart out to Brittany and still didn’t get what she wanted. I think they’ll always be friends and I think that Santana values Brittany’s friendship above everything else, which is the softer side of [Santana]. I would like to see her find love outside of Brittany and I think that we had to deal with the hurt of being rejected to get to the softer side of this really hard and bitchy character.

AE: So you don’t want to see Santana play the field a little bit?
NR: I want to see her get in a relationship. I think that that’s something that hasn’t been explored. We’ve never seen her in a relationship with anybody and we’ve never really seen her give herself up and put someone else’s needs before her own and I think that would be a cool thing to explore.

AE: I personally don’t want Santana to get too soft. I like bitchy Santana, too!
NR: Oh no! Trust me, Santana will never get too soft and that’s the best thing about her. Ryan Murphy loves that she’s a raging bitch and I love the fact that she just says whatever she wants but people get it. It’s not that she’s mean for no reason. She gets what she wants.

AE: Your scenes with Heather Morris are just amazing. Do you spend a lot of time talking about how you’re going to play your scenes or is it more organic than that?
NR: It’s really just our chemistry and I think that we kind of feed off the same things and portray those things the same way. We just gel really well when we work together and I think that’s how ‘Brittana’ took off so much in the first place is that we have a really great working chemistry.

AE: Would Santana ever go back to boys even if it were in a conniving fashion or is that completely in her past?
NR: At this point….look…[laughs]…Santana will use anything that she needs to use if it’s a dire enough situation but I think we all know now that the boy thing is not where she’s truly at.

AE: We have two episodes left in the season. What is coming up for Santana?
NR: I will say that I love the last episode because it’s that end-of-the-season thing and there’s closure with every coupling and love triangle; there’s a resolution. There’s a resolution between Brittany and Santana and you get where they stand at that point. I think it’s sweet and everyone will be happy with where they go.