Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jonathan Groff Talks GLEE In New Interview with Vanity Fair

Brett Berk: Truly. Last week, your bad attitude led to fisticuffs between you and Finn. In a real fight, how would you take him?
Jonathan Groff: I think I would hit him down low. I think if I rocked him from the bottom, he would fall over, and all of that weight would fall on top of him. I also don’t think he’s very quick on his feet, so I think that going for the legs and the mid-section would be the best.

Brett Berk: Speaking of taking one of the Glee boys, I happen to think that almost all of the guys on the show are adorable. If you were a 14-year-old boy again, right now, which one would you have as the wallpaper on your iPhone?
Jonathan Groff: I’d probably have Chris Colfer, because I think he’s so brave on the show, and the things he’s doing are setting such a great example for young people, gay or straight, in terms of educating them and putting it out there. And in real life, he’s such an amazing person. He’s handling his fame and his success and his…responsibility in such a classy way. I really admire him.