Monday, January 10, 2011

Spoilers From EOnilne's Kristin

Heather: How about something good on Glee? Finn and Rachel, Will and Emma or the Super Bowl episode? The Biebs? I'll take anything!
Well the best news for all you who were panicked by the Justin Bieber episode (and still haven't heard) is that it's not happening, at least not now. Also good news: I'm still told that Finn and Rachel and Will and Emma are the endgame. You just, um, might not be super-duper-over-the-moon happy for the time being. "We can't make it easy!" a well-placed source who works on the show tells me, adding that the fans would get "bored." Agree? As for the Super Bowl episode, I just caught up with Amber Riley, who says it's "really big. They pulled out all the stops for it. There's going to be some kind of like maybe some circus acts going on. We're doing ‘Thriller.' We're doing a little bit of an homage to Michael Jackson, so we're doing a little bit of ‘Thriller,' and it's really good. We've got some zombie makeup, and it's gonna be a big one." Check out this sneak-peek photo for proof that your favorite Gleeks don't look so bad undead!

@BeyondStarlight (via Twitter): Glee?
Looks like we might be getting a flashback to Rachel Berry's coming of age; producers are casting for a clutch of 12- to 14-year-old Jewish girls to appear in a bat mitzvah scene.