Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Couple To Break Up!

We’re only a few weeks away from Glee‘s ginormous, post-Super Bowl episode airing Feb. 6, but, here at EW, we’re already thinking about the rest of season 2. There’s been a slew of fresh romances this season — Tina & Mike, Sam & Quinn, Artie & Brittany — but EW can exclusively reveal that one of those couples will be biting the dust soon. SPOILER ALERT!

The pair that will be joining Rachel and Finn as the latest New Directions exes are the show’s resident hot blonds, Sam and Quinn. Says co-creator Ryan Murphy, “I got bored. They were too perfect.” But that doesn’t mean that Sam will be on his own. “He starts dating Santana,” says Murphy. “He needs a little salsa spice.” Murphy adds that Quinn will also find comfort in the form of her old boyfriend, Finn. Shocking!

Source: EW