Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Matthew and Cory listed in People's Sexiest Man Alive

Mr. Shue, is that you? Glee's song-and-dance man showed what he's really made of in a revealing Vogue photo shoot in June. So what does the former Broadway star, 32, consider to be his sexiest trait? "I have those muscle lines right over my hips from my dancing days," Morrison told InStyle. "I call them my dancing lines."

Cory is listed in the "Sexy at Every Age" List:

The 1988 Olympics may have put Calgary on the map, but it's also given us something else to cheer about – Glee's resident singing and dancing eye candy. "As much as he's a guy's guy, Cory fits in with the girls – with his sense of humor and quirkiness," his Monte Carlo costar Leighton Meester told InStyle.