Monday, October 04, 2010

Five Things You Don’t Know About Jayma Mays

1. She has a lot of favorite movies.
Jayma Mays: Ooh, my favorite movie. I actually have a lot of favorite movies. I could probably name like a top ten favorite movie list. I’ll name one off of my favorite list, and that would be “The Three Amigos”. Always in my top ten!

2. She enjoys classic TV shows.
JM: You know what, I gotta say one of my favorites of all time is “The Golden Girls.” I have the box sets. I watch them all the time. I love me some Golden Girls. They were just so amazing. Those four women together — I mean that show very easily couldn’t have worked. (laughs) And they got the most amazing cast. Those women were so funny together. I love funny women, so for me that’s the show. It’s four hilarious women and I love it.

3. She loves her two cats.
JM: I have two cats. Oh! I’ve never said their names, have I. I guess I haven’t. I talk about them a lot, I’m not gonna lie. My oldest cat — my first cat — her name’s Frauline. Frauline Mays. Her name’s Frauline. My second cat’s name is Heidi.

4. She had a hard time coming up with something surprising about her.
JM: I was going to say I love cooking but I think I’ve said that before. I’m trying to give you something that maybe I haven’t said before. I play piano. I don’t know if people know that. Not that interesting, but I can play piano. We don’t have a big piano [in our house]. My husband and I both play but we have an electronic — so it’s not super loud. We put our headphones and actually play.

5. She is grateful to her parents for getting her to take piano lessons.
JM: My parents started me playing when I was four I think. And it’s been a very wonderful therapeutic thing to have as a pastime. I’m really grateful for them pushing me into taking lessons. I wanted to take the lessons but I’m really glad they helped me stick to that. I think it’s so important if you can as a parent — I’m not a parent yet — but if there’s any way to get your kids involved in some sort of arts program, whether it be singing or dancing or acting, whatever. I think it’s so good for children to have that because now I can sit down and play the piano when I want. And it would be so much harder to try and learn to do that now. So I’m really grateful to my parents for doing that and for the lessons. I’m really, really grateful. I think it’s a very important thing that can naturally get pushed to the side sometimes if there’s not enough funding. And I think it’s really sad when that happens, because it’s such a wonderful outlet for people to have.