Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Will Glee Tackle Michael Jackson or Bruce Springsteen for their post Super Bowl show?

Word on the street is that, in Glee‘s post-Super Bowl episode, the McKinley High kids will be singing either the songs of Michael Jackson or Bruce Springsteen. Which seems win/win, right? They’re both musical icons with back catalogs overflowing with hits. But which would be the better choice? Figuring that out, as Sue Sylvester would say, is hard. Luckily, we’re here to help with a handy-dandy list of the pros and cons of devoting an hour to one vs. the other.


Pros: The diversity of his song styles would lend itself brilliantly to Glee‘s variety of singers. For instance, soft-spoken Kurt could whisper his way through “Billie Jean,” jocks Finn and Puck could muscle their way through “Beat It,” and powerhouses Rachel and Mercedes could—no, would—kill MJ’s once-upon-a-duet with sis Janet, “Scream.” Plus, you just know Mr. Schue would do a mean moonwalk.

Cons: Since the Super Bowl is in February, not October, chances are slim that we’d get “Thriller.” And I want “Thriller.” Badly. Also, since he’s passed on, do we forget about all the child-molestation allegations now? Is that, like, a rule?


Pros: Not only could a Bruce-centric episode possibly bring gridiron fans to the show in a way that (sorry) the football team getting down to “Single Ladies” never could, a “Born in the USA” cover could easily be 2011′s classic-rock answer to “Don’t Stop Believin’.” (And c’mon, Finn is pretty much made to fill out Springsteen’s jeans.) Moreover, Puck could show off his softer side on “I’m on Fire,” “Dancing in the Dark” could take on a whole new meaning with daffy Brittany performing it, and can’t you just picture the flashbacks to a teenage Will belting out “Glory Days”?

Cons: How many Springsteen songs do you really know? I mean, quick—can you hum “Streets of Philadelphia” or “Secret Garden” from his
greatest-hits CD? I, um, can’t.