Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ryan Murphy: Sam is definitely NOT Kurt's love interest!

So now that we know Kurt's story arc is the major throughline for the new season, how about we clear up the conflicting rumors that either Chord Overstreet (Sam) or newcomer Darren Everett Criss (Blaine) will play his new love interest?

Hope you're on your knees because...Praise "Grilled Cheesus!" Finally, an answer!

"It's definitely not Chord," Ryan tells me of Kurt's love interest. "It's not Chord. And the new character [Darren Criss] is certainly an option. I'm not sure how soon I want to [reveal] that information. because it's such a big storyline of the year—I want there to be some surprises. But Darren has a major, major arc. He sort of becomes Kurt's mentor and then maybe love—he had to leave his own school because of bullying and goes to an all-boys academy and finds acceptance because that school has a no-bullying, zero-tolerance policy. So Kurt really admires him and respects him. He plays someone who's one year older than Chris' character, so he's the old pro."

And in case you hadn't heard, Darren's now a clean-cut pro, too! When I (jokingly) asked if Darren Criss recently chopped off all his long, moppy locks because the budget couldn't support enough hair gel for him and Matthew Morrison, Ryan audibly gasped:

"What?! I have not heard this! Did he really cut off all his hair? He did not do that for the show! But we cast Darren for his exceptional voice and talent, so if he shows up with a bald head, I guess I'll have to make it work…As for Matthew, you know, he just uses Lubriderm, so that won't break the bank." Love. It.

Source: eonline