Thursday, September 23, 2010

Major Kurt Spoilers!

From fashionhasnogender:

Kurt goes undercover to spy on a rival show choir, pretending to be a transfer student called Billy. This show choir isn’t Vocal Adrenaline. They could be the opposition for this years Sectionals.

- The new school is very anti-bullying, very gay friendly and Glee club is considered cool.

- Kurt thinks that Blair and his friends are going to beat him up when they find out he was spying on them. They say he was such a terrible spy they just found it kind of cute.

- Blair thinks Kurt might have had a different reason for coming to the school.

- Kurt admits he is the only out gay kid at his school. He talks a bit about the jocks who bully him and how the teachers just ignore it.

- Blair gives a bit of an after-school special speech about how he left his old school because of bullying, but he thinks he should have stayed and not let them make him the victim. He mentions that the fees for his current school are higher, but if Kurt’s family can afford it, moving schools is an option.

- Blair ultimately tells Kurt to stand up to the bullies because he regrets not doing so himself.