Saturday, September 25, 2010

Apparently, a second Britney Spears episode is in the works!

When is Britney Spears on 'Glee'? That question has been a hot topic since it was first announced the show would do an all-Britney salute to the singer.

The second season of 'Glee' just kicked off in exciting fashion, with the addition of Filipina singing sensation Charice as the regular recurring character of Sunny Corazon. Now all eyes are waiting to find out when the vaunted, and much-maligned Britney Spears will take center screen on the Fox hit television show.

Much like in the first season of 'Glee' when they dedicated an entire episode to Madonna, season two will have not one, but two episodes dedicated to Britney Spears. The first Britney Spears tribute -- entitled 'Britney/Brittany' -- will air as the second episode of season two on Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 8PM ET. Also like season one, season two will take a break over the holidays and resume airing new episodes in early 2011. 'Glee' will then return right after Super Bowl XLV with the second Britney Spears episode. Spears herself has been confirmed to make a cameo in an anesthesia-induced dream sequence at the dentist's office for the first episode. While there is no confirmation yet about the second episode, considering it is set to air in such a high-profile slot after the Super Bowl, our guess is Britney will play a much larger role in the second.